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Choose from the following Unit rentals:
 Blue Dog
 Multi Colored Castle
 16x16 Module (pick a banner)
 Finding Nemo
 Jump N Slide Train
 Jump N Slide Castle
 Jump N Slide Obstacle Module (pick a banner)
 Jump N Slide Hoop Module (pick a banner)
 Inside Outside Combo (Pick a banner)
 Dual Lane Slide
 Extreme Fun Run 100' Obstacle
 Fun Run Obstacle
 Extreme Run Slide
 Adrenaline Rush Combo (3 pieces)
 Adrenaline Slide (1 piece)
 Adrenaline Obstacle (1 piece)
 38ft Obstacle (1 piece)
 30 ft Rock Climb N Slide (1 piece)
 68 ft Obstacle Combo (2 pieces)
 Wipe Out
 35 ft Obstacle (front)
 35 ft Obstacle (back)
 70 ft Obstacle Combo (2 pieces)
 G-Rock Slide
 G-Rock Obstacle
 G-Rock Combo (2 pieces)
 4 Man Jousting
 2 Lane Bungee Run
 3 Lane Bungee Run
 Bubble Balls
 Stuck on You
 Boxing Gloves
 Sumo Suits
 Games Galore
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 Cotton Candy Machine
 Popcorn Machine
 Shaved Ice Machine
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Constant power is necessary. Each fan or blower requires a seperate circuit. If power is not available will you want to rent a generator?