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KnockerBall/Bubble Balls

(Astro Balls)

KnockerBalls are Astro Jumps newest addition. They are loads of fun for both kids and adults. We have 20 balls available in 4ft(kids and teens), 5ft(kids to adults), and 6ft(teens to adults) sizes.


Each person slides themselves inside the middle open space and into backpack like straps. There are handles to hold onto. Participants can do acrobatics like rolls, sommersaults, and spins or they can bump and smash into each other in a free for all battle or get more organized into a physical and hilarious Bubble Soccer game. 


Enough space is required to allow people to move around freely and fully experience the fun. Bubble Balls can be used indoors or out. Surfaces should be clean and free of sticks and sharp objects. Outdoors the surface preferrably should be grass. Pavement and asphalt should not be used. Indoors can be carpet, wooden, or artificial turf floors. Cement is ok as long as it is clean and free of debris. A tarp can be used as long as the balls remain on the tarped surface. Astro Jump has a large 50' x 30' tarp that can handle about 6 balls at a time.


Per Ball

All sizes




$65.00 4 HOURS